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Having a business of your own today offers many of the same benefits as the large corporations have such as tax advantages, health and retirement. With the time and freedom to live the life you deserve.




Hello and Thank You for stopping by:  This site is a portal to our online store with an introduction to our unique business opportunity.

Direct Order Connection was designed to be a business opportunity for anyone who desires it.  We have developed a simple straight forward business plan that has eliminated all the usual drawbacks to having a business of your own.  At the same time we use 3 of the most powerful methods used by the largest companies in America to help you earn another income without another job. 

"Personal franchising" allows anyone to have their own business

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Our online store has over 1000 products that peoples want and needs with a real 40% discount

"the solution"


" The Solution" is a 10 minute recording that explains why it is important to have a business of your own, and how you can have it without changing what your already doing.