Mike Heath

Regional Director

Registered Financial Professional with extensive training in Sales and Marketing.




Tom Codington


40 Yr. Entrepreneur Owner, Manager, Sales and Marketing Executive of over 50 businesses with employees in the thousands.

Mark Terrell

Vice- President

Business Owner,

Retired Military

Business Development Manager, and Technology Expert with over 30 years experience.

Management team

About Us

Financial Freedom is  available with a business of your own.


Our company, Direct Order Connection was designed in 2007 to bring back the idea of the American Dream.  To help people with the J.O.B (Just Over Broke) situation most of us have been in.  To often we find ourselves trapped, working as the lowest bidder for a job that controls our income and demands all our time and energy.


Ask yourself this.  Is the company I work for dedicated to helping me become rich?  Or are they more interested in me continuing to be a hard worker?  Would you work where you do if you didn't need the weekly paycheck?

Why are we recommending a business of your own?  Because that's how 75% of the millionaires in America became wealthy.

Direct Order Connection has developed a simple, straight forward business plan that has eliminated all the usual drawbacks to having a business of your own and achieving whatever it is that you desire most.

Our Mission

Allow anyone who desires it an avenue to achieve Financial Freedom through a business of their own.

It doesn't matter if you are a man or a women, student, homemaker or busy professional, this program will show you how to create a second or third income part-time, in as little as an hour a week, doing something you're already doing for free.


02. Dedicated and Loyal Team that is committed to your success.

Our team is ready to help you build your business.  Team stands for " Together everyone achieves more"  Direct Order Connection has eliminated all the usual drawbacks in owning your own business, but allows you to reach any level you desire.


03. Great Products at a real 40%  discount.

Every business needs a great product or service.  Our company has over 1000 products that people need and use everyday, ranging in price from $5.00 to over $500.00.  Our customers and distributors receive a real 40-50% discount off the regular retail prices.